Capabilities: Photography | Content Strategy | Event Curation

AMFM supports creatives by giving them a platform to showcase their talent through their venue, web content, and curated events. These curated events combine various aspects of the arts to cultivate community, diversity, and inclusivity. For the August 2016 portion of AMFM’s ongoing Jazz Series, founder Ciera McKissick approached us about a collaboration and curating the visual art aspect of the evening.

We curated the visual artists component of the programming. Along with curation, we also provided creative direction and produced the promotional imagery for the event. We chose to juxtapose the works of Edo, a digital artist and painter reminiscent of Shantell Martin meets Keith Haring, and Olivier Souffrant, a painter that quite honestly might be Jean-Michel Basquiat reincarnate, to emphasize their similarities in complexity but difference in execution. Low key and moody imagery was used to further play off the complexity. The styling of black clothing, heavy in the drapery department yet cleanly cut is reminiscent of the differences in their work. The promotional flyer used neon signage as a callback to dark Tokyo nights lit on by the neon signs of Harajuku.


The exhibition resulted in a turnout of over 500 attendees for the opening night, 4k social media engagements, and half the artwork selling that evening.