Capabilities: Web Design | Experience Strategy

Black Latina Movement is a New York City based film and theatre production company who's priority endeavor is to make the entertainment industry more culturally diverse. Founded in 2008, BLM has a track record of providing a platform for artists to create, write, produce, and perform while promoting local communities. They approached us to communicate this vision through a website so that they would have an aesthetically pleasing online presence.

Websites are the storefronts of the internet, so we wanted to create one to communicate BLM’s values to the web. The first decision was to reinterpret the brand colors to highlight Latino and Caribbean heritage. Yellow, white, and green were chosen as the dominant colors for the site. We also decided to make the site very minimal to eliminate fluff and get the message across. We streamlined the amount of site pages and aesthetically, we played with the black space to make for an overall appeals website.