Capabilities: Photography | Brand Strategy| Content Strategy

Bourrer is a Chicago based streetwear brand. Founded by designer Anthony Corralez, the brand reflects Anthony’s hip-hop, skate, and punk upbringing through a sophisticated lens of irony. Being a fledgling brand, Bourrer wanted to hit the ground running with their first lookbook and marketing imagery. The brand wanted to communicate their vision, gain exposure, and generate sales.

For their first image campaign, we decided to reflect the brand’s roots in streetwear, hip-hop, skate, and punk culture. With photography as our medium choice, we went with a graffiti filled paradise of silos and urban decay as a background. The wardrobe styling mirrored a DIY aesthetic with distressed accents complimenting utilitarian garments and graphic tees. The imagery is reminiscent of the DIY roots that are associated with all four subcultures and their relationships with graffiti. We also wanted to create a familiarity between the consumer and the imagery in order to attract an organic following.


The image campaign led to a sold out collection within two weeks of its release, a 34% increase in social media reach and engagements, and requests for a reprint.