Number 2 Studio

Our Approach

We believe superior aesthetics, and life-altering experiences can enrich the lives of brands and consumers. Specializing in identity design, content creation, and event curation, we tailor creative strategy, content, and experiences to suit a brand’s unique needs. All projects start with a conversation about your brand. From this conversation, an idea will be born.




Creative content captivates consumers and drives sales. We stand by aesthetically sophisticated and engaging design and content. The aesthetics of a brand and the content it publishes reinforces the brand’s mission and turns consumers into brand advocates.



Graphic Design

Social Media Activation




Strategy is the difference between having a competitive edge and being a dinosaur in the digital age. At Number 2 Studio, we put creative strategy at the forefront of everything we do. When creative strategy is coupled with aesthetically sophisticated content, ROI becomes exponential and businesses become brands. 

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

Integrated Marketing




Experiences entice emotions and burn themselves into the memories of consumers. Our team believes that experiences are the ultimate form of marketing and provide the most value not only to brands but also to consumers. The best experiences create cultural currency for brands and turn casual consumers into lifelong brand advocates.

Pop Up Activation

Event Production


Experience Strategy