i define \ Self

Capabilities: Photography, Videography, Marketing Strategy, Pop Up Activation, Event Production, Curation, Experience Strategy

Tessa Gillett in a multidisciplinary creative and a partner at Number 2 Studio. With a breadth of experience in multimedia communications and painting, Gillett is a force to be reckoned with. In April 2017, our partner Justin Dwaun Redding to curate her first solo exhibition at AMFM Gallery.

i define\self was an exploration into the depth of feminine emotion in the 21st century. We interpreted this through several mediums. Two video works were the main attraction. The video works were couple with self portraits. Everything was rounded out with a floor mounted, text based work. Gillett also designed sweatshirts as part of the exhibition, and Tito’s Vodka sponsored the beverages. For the marketing, we created a promotional video that was distributed across various social channels and email to promote the exhibition.

The exhibition resulted in attendance of 70 plus as well as the sweatshirts selling out. Gillett’s social media saw a 25% increase in followers and a 52% increase in engagement.