Prince Rogers Nelson, an iconic musician that sway crowds around the world. His music touch the hearts of people, young and old alike. In April 2015, he passed away and left the world in tears. His music was a guiding light for Number 2 Studio partner Tessa Gillett and touched her soul at the core. This loss was the catalyst to Number 2 Studio producing its first event, Pancakes At The Shore or PATS for short.

For PATS, we decided to reach out to our network and partner with a few organizations to produce this event. Our partners at NYCH Gallery provided a venue for the evening. Their gallery located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago was the perfect backdrop. Rather you call in kitsch or cliche, we decided purple was the color of the night. We partnered with Chef Savvy Owl to serve visitors with purple pancakes made of raspberry and blueberry with a lemon sauce drizzle. Our partners created video installations for the event, one, a looping video of waves on the shore of Lake Minatonka, and the other, a video montage dedicated to the legend. DJ P Rose provided a soundtrack for the evening made up of artists influenced by Prince. The evening was an intimate gathering of music lovers. We promoted strictly via text message using an intimate graphic invitation, alongside our partners Black Tech Mecca and Creative Cypher.

PATS was the inaugural event for Number 2 Studio. Hosting a turnout of 100+ people and overall great reviews, Pancake At The Shore was considered a success.